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Embroidery and Screen Printing for Local Schools

Uniform Store in Lewisville, Texas provides embroidery and screen printing to customers in North Texas. They provide services to the Lewisville Independent School District, as
well as private schools in Denton County. Uniform Store provides local Parent Teacher Associations at elementary schools with embroidery and screen printing for t-shirts. Many elementary schools need t-shirts to identify students in different classes with different teachers. Embroidered shirts make great leader-shirts for elementary Field Days, while students can wear screen printed tee shirts to advertise and commemorate a special day in the school year. Embroidered items make great fund raisers for schools. Many fans like an embroidered logo on a beanie, baseball cap, t-shirt or golf shirt. Uniform Store offers custom digitizing of logos at a minimal price, with a fast turnaround for production. When
elementary parents want a personalized gift for a teacher, they will often choose an item with embroidery. Many students give their teachers a Christmas stocking, embroidered with a name or initials, and stuffed with goodies.

Uniform Store works with clubs and organizations in secondary schools in Lewisville to meet their embroidery and screen printing needs. Uniform Store provides custom embroidered applique sweatshirts to middle school cheerleaders and their fans. They also provide all fan wear for drill teams at the high school level. They work with high school basketball teams to supply their screen printed, reversible custom logos and numbers to their uniforms. Some Lewisville high schools prefer the traditional mesh jerseys and shorts, but some prefer their screen printed logos and numbers to go on the dazzle material. The dazzle material is shiny, and it is a little bit heavier for students to wear. However, when the harsh lights in the gym shine down on the screen printed material, the dazzle just sparkles. Basketball teams need to have accessories. Uniform Store embroiders warm up suits for basketball teams. Jackets can have a small logo in the front and a large name embroidered or appliqued on the back of the item. Some teams prefer to customize jackets with embroidered names on the back of the jacket, with a full, split front tackle twill emblem on the front. Players in Lewisville like to wear pants with the split side. That way, when they are warming up, they can wear their pants with the logo on the left leg, or embroidered, full leg; then, when it is time to go in, they can pull the pants right off, without having to sit down, take off their shoes, and put them back on. Uniform Store can provide fan items, such as megaphones, cheer poms, fans, t-shirts, golf shirts and caps. These items make great fund raisers for high school sports teams in Lewisville. Uniform Store works with varsity and junior varsity sports teams, as well as booster clubs and administrators.

Not only does Uniform Store work with the public schools in the Lewisville area, they also provide private and charter schools in Lewisville with fan wear for their parents and students. Embroidered golf shirts and t-shirts showing school spirit can be worn on casual Fridays. Fans like to wear custom embroidered sweatshirts and jackets to Friday football games to support their team. Uniform Store offers custom embroidered Stadium Seats that prevent back and rear pain from sitting on uncomfortable standard bleachers. These fully customized embroidered seats fold in half and have a carry handle on the side. Fans show school pride in comfort with a customized chair. Uniform Store will embroider a player’s name and number on the chair, as well. If a school prefers the chair to be screen printed with the logo, rather than embroidered, then Uniform Store can offer that service, as well. A new item Uniform Store offers customers is embroidered socks. A logo is embedded into the weave of the sock, prior to assembly, that allows young students to show school pride in yet another wearable item. Uniform Store provides custom embroidered scarves, jackets, sweatpants, t-shirts, golf shirts, sweatshirts, caps, hats, socks, and anything wearable.

Uniform Store provides custom uniforms to local youth sports teams. Since 1995, our staff has worked with local teams to look their best on the field. Uniform Store provides custom embroidered caps for baseball teams, each item personalized with a player¹s number on the
back. Caps can be fitted, Flex-Fit, or adjustable; wool, cotton or moisture wicking material. Embroidered items can be duplicated as a fun, fan item for parents or siblings. Uniform Store specializes in custom baseball jerseys. Jerseys can be embroidered with a small logo,
screen printed, or tackle twill applique on a shirt. Many teams choose to do a moisture wicking Augusta or A4 t-shirt, with a full chest, multi-color, screen printed design. Another option for material is cotton. Many teams choose to embroider their logo on a split-front jersey. This embroidered applique process gives a professional look to a youth team. The full-button design, combined with a thick tackle twill, makes a great Sunday jersey for a youth select baseball team. Uniform Store will individualize all jerseys with a number on the back. Again, the number can be single-color, multi-color, screen printed or appliqued on the back of the baseball jersey. Uniform store also embroiders logos onto bags for youth select baseball teams in the Lewisville area. A team’s custom logo, applied to the bag, gives a professional feel to the youth player. Uniform Store will customize each bag with a player’s number. When embroidered bags are clipped to the fence, all in a line, the team looks well-organized, and the dugout looks clean. Uniform Store provides all forms of advertising specialty products for local select baseball teams. Parents and coaches of Lewisville area select baseball teams can show their pride in their team and their player with a vinyl sticker or sign in their back window of the family vehicle. Each sticker can be customized with the player’s name and number. For your wearable custom embroidered needs in Lewisville, contact the competent sales team at Uniform Store.

Embroidery: Avoid the Pucker

It’s happened to every embroiderer– that one job puckers around the design. Of course, even though customers will take the finished product, and they usually don’t have a problem with a little pucker, but it is not acceptable to me.

The reason and resolution for the pucker:

1: Heavily Dense Design–

Solution: If the design is all fill, then thin out some of the fill. You can also change the direction of the fill stitch where appropriate. However– don’t change the direction just to change it. You have to protect the integrity of the design. If you are going for representation of waves in a water design, don’t make a checker-board.

2: Too Little Underlay–

Solution: Add more running stitches under your fill stitch. This will help lift the stitches up over the material and give it more stability.

3: Not Enough Stability–

Solution: There are two solutions for this one. First, make sure the material is hooped taught within the hoop. If the garment is loose, then it will move around during the stitch process, and result in the pucker. Second, you can always add an extra piece of backing to the shirt, under the hoop.

4: The Material–

Solution: Polyester and Poly-blends are more likely to pucker. It just is-what-it-is. If you do all the above steps, and the shirt still puckers, you can always heat-press the finished item on a commercial heat press at 325 degrees for 9 seconds. This will take out any minimal pucker to the poly garment and make it look clean. Speaking from experience, a home iron doesn’t work as well as the commercial heat press. Make sure to use the teflon sheet to not make the shirt shiny.


Good luck!

Uniform Store: Now Serving Embroidery and Screen Printing Needs in Lewisville, Texas

We are a family owned business with 20 years in the imprintable sportswear industry. We perform custom digitizing and artwork for our clients at a low-cost. I started out screen printing when I was in the ninth grade. My father owned a little t-shirt shop called “Country T-Shirts.” We had a single station, four color press, and my dad served small businesses in the Lewisville area. A few years later, we moved into a larger shop across the street from Lewisville High School, and we re-named it Texas Tee Shirts. Our primary business was walk-in clients, wanting something personalized for their kiddo at school. One time, at the “new shop,” my old drafting teacher called in to order some shirts. He was complaining about not being able to show his current students how to use a screen printing press. I offered to let him bring all of his students on a field trip to my shop so each student could print a personalized logo designed in class. I thought that was a really neat opportunity to give back to the old school.

Finally, in the late 90’s, I moved into the lucrative embroidery field. I started off with a single-head, nine-needle Toyota embroidery machine. Fortunately, I also invested in the Data Stitch program. The ‘old’ program was in DOS format, so I not only learned the methods and techniques for proper digitizing– I also mastered the theory behind digitizing a logo for optimum output. I continue to do all of our digitizing in-house for our customers, because I do a good job with it!

Next post: How to guide a customer who can’t choose between embroidery and screen printing.